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 WFS-india, a voluntary organization has been created a month back by some enthusiastic people wanting to see some gender parity in FOSS world. The group decided to organize a Localization Hackathon event on the eve of Cultural Freedom Day on 20th may, 2013 from 08:00pm to 09:30pm at the above mentioned channel.
The event aimed to get participants localize a few strings from any of Mozilla, Fedora or VLC Media Player. It was attended by seven participants from  across the globe <holingpoon, erry, sunu, Anupam, shweta, anexasajoop, sri_c>. More details about the participants are given below in the chat log. The session was coordinated by Chandan Kumar with the assistance of Biraj Karmakar and Runa Bhattacharya. Amani_glugcal, kaustavdm, Priyankanag also helped in the event.
People learnt what is localization and how to get started in any language by using transifex and pootle server. They were asked to contact the language co-rodinators via mailing lists if they face any issue. Due to lack of time the participants could not start translating any string.
It was realized that it is not possible to hold a full localization workshop within a short span of 1 hour. Participants faced various problem with one not being able to log in to one not finding her language in the list of languages.
But overall it was a nice event where people took out time from their schedule and tried to contribute to FLOSS. 

* The chat log of the event can be found at - http://fpaste.org/13234/
* This report has been prepared from the original report written by Chandan Kumar.
* The next meeting of the group is at #wfs-india on freenode on 27 May, from 9:30pm IST.

About Us

May. 16th, 2013 08:58 pm
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Who are we?
We are a group of people who want to bring more women into FLOSS(Free/Libre/Open Source Software) and knowledge commons. We want to keep this group
- inclusive
- democratic

What do we want to do?
We want to promote FLOSS among women through
- online and offline events - hackathons, edit-a-thons, localization promotional events
- online magazines
- videos and slide shows
- share information about the upcoming opportunities, conferences, workshops related to FLOSS
- make Free Software and Knowledge Commons part of their life and culture.

In future, we would also like to
- organize skill-building workshops

Code of conduct in the group
- be polite
- be helpful
[Taken from linuxchix.org]
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We decided on:

1. Postponing the Online event on Cultural Freedom Day to the 15th of June'2013.
2. On adding more sessions to the event beyond that discussed earlier.
3. The Inkscape/GIMP session will be dropped.
4. Website specs for Event to be discussed and executed soon.
5. Event posters will be designed by Akanksha Gaur.
6. The confirmed events include (as of now)


1. Competition-1 will be on Posters involving using exclusive use Free Software tools. The proposed theme is "Women and Gender Related Issues". Participants will be judged on their knowledge, expression, clarity and quality of work. Semantic part of this competition will be managed by A. Mani.

2. Wiki Edit-a-thon conducted by Sucheta Ghoshal.

3. Hackathon + Tutorial on Localization in Fedora Linux by Chandan Kumar.

4. Competition-2 will be a quiz on Free Software, Fedora, GNU/Linux, Philosophy and Policy Conducted by a substantial part of organizers.

5. Educational Tutorials on Free software and Culture will also be part of the gallery.

6. Up to four more sessions to be decided

Both competitions will involve interesting prizes.

[Other event pages including the cultural freedom wiki page http://wiki.culturefreedomday.org/2013/India/Kolkata/GLUG-Kolkata will be synced with the above.]

The entire IRC chat log is as below:

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sun May 12 21:58:31 2013

May 12 21:58:31 * Now talking on #wfs-india
May 12 21:58:32 * Topic for #wfs-india is: Second Planning meeting of wfs-india
May 12 21:58:32 * Topic for #wfs-india set by satabdi!~satabdi@unaffiliated/satabdi at Tue May 7 21:01:09 2013
May 12 22:04:26 * shweta (shweta@2002:75e0:a2fe::75e0:a2fe) has joined #wfs-india
May 12 22:04:41 Hi all
May 12 22:04:57 lets start
May 12 22:05:00 hi satabdi
May 12 22:05:06 Hi shweta
May 12 22:05:18 ok
May 12 22:05:28 lets first discuss about the date of the online event
May 12 22:06:01 weekend towards
May 12 22:06:03 it is 20th right ?
May 12 22:06:06 end of month
May 12 22:06:12 chandankumar pointed out that most of the engineering colleges in India will have exam around that time
May 12 22:06:21 and sucheta too has her exams till 5th June
May 12 22:06:41 then after 5th
May 12 22:07:06 yes, after 5th seems to be good
May 12 22:07:17 select a saturday
May 12 22:07:32 shweta, initially we decided on 20th May
May 12 22:08:37 8th or 15th June?
May 12 22:08:58 15th ?
May 12 22:09:07 that gives us one month to prepare for it
May 12 22:09:09 15th
May 12 22:09:17 fine
May 12 22:09:42 Fix web team for event
May 12 22:09:56 satabdi, hello
May 12 22:10:02 core devels:
May 12 22:10:03 chandankumar, hi
May 12 22:10:11 satabdi, please mail me the chats,
May 12 22:10:14 * gem_ (~nandaja@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 22:10:29 chandankumar, which chats?
May 12 22:11:03 chandankumar, go and study :)
May 12 22:12:53 Let us fix the web team first or do we do it in the mailing list?
May 12 22:13:10 amani_glugcal, web team?
May 12 22:13:23 for the online event ...
May 12 22:13:24 * gem has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
May 12 22:13:42 amani_glugcal, the team responsible for the different tracks in the online event?
May 12 22:14:21 The team for the base infrastructure not content
May 12 22:14:31 okay
May 12 22:14:49 The final event is slotted for 15th June is it?
May 12 22:14:55 yes
May 12 22:14:59 yes wowsig
May 12 22:16:10 Abot Aashfaq' s proposal?
May 12 22:16:57 I think we should permit hackathons/live tutorials only and quiz competitions
May 12 22:17:16 quiz and competitions
May 12 22:17:47 An fsmk event on 20th should be fine
May 12 22:18:20 Any new event proposal/idea?
May 12 22:20:55 feminism related?
May 12 22:20:59 it seems ashfaq sent that mail to me and amani
May 12 22:21:06 am forwarding it to the group
May 12 22:21:47 I am replying as per above few lines
May 12 22:23:10 today wowsig, one of her friends and I had a very good discussion
May 12 22:23:54 a lot of good points came up - although we were more thinking from the marketing perspective, but i think a lot of what we discussed is also relevant when we plan our events
May 12 22:25:30 we need to approach from POV of social perspectives and available space
May 12 22:25:36 the one point which came up again and again in our discussion is how to make FOSS attractive to the newbies? since we are aiming to get new blood in FOSS, how can we make it relevant, interesting, and fun?
May 12 22:26:37 take nice issue ... add free software
May 12 22:27:00 * gem_ has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
May 12 22:27:02 amani_glugcal, how?
May 12 22:28:15 there is plenty of interest in sex education related material ... esp after recent incidents
May 12 22:28:28 * gem (~nandaja@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 22:28:39 and media attention
May 12 22:28:50 that is space
May 12 22:29:04 Most ladies I interact with at college think FOSS is geeky .. we should somehow change that.
May 12 22:29:29 btw hi everyone :)
May 12 22:29:46 amani_glugcal, how would you relate FOSS to that issue?
May 12 22:30:10 now foss tools can always be used to help with creating materials, content
May 12 22:30:27 sunu, Hi, and yes that's true - but the problem is why being "geeky" is seen in a negative manner and people want to stay away from it!
May 12 22:30:44 this way our network will expand
May 12 22:32:05 don't bother about 'geeky' part ...use application specfic terms
May 12 22:33:31 I agree with amani_glugcal. We should rather concentrate on the good that FOSS is doing to everyone during marketing.
May 12 22:34:01 amani_glugcal, how would you present it to the people who do not know anything about FOSS? how would you connect violence against women with FOSS and present it to them so that they would feel the urge to use FOSS and contribute to it?
May 12 22:34:46 satabdi, people will create content with foss tools... that way they become aware of it
May 12 22:35:00 contributing to foss comes later
May 12 22:35:22 in teaching we speak of concept formation ...
May 12 22:35:22 how do we get them to use FOSS tools in the first place?
May 12 22:36:22 they may be knowing some other tools and the easiest way of getting started is
May 12 22:36:44 through some minimal incentive
May 12 22:37:05 If a person feels strongly about something
May 12 22:37:31 then the person will be willing to go the extra mile
May 12 22:39:17 hi every body, this is joyoti
May 12 22:39:25 The points of the discussion that I and satabdi had today were very interesting. We had thought that it is very important to connect to people on a very personal note. The philosophy will seep in once the benefits of foss are conveyed. But more important than that was answering the question of how does your being a women change anything. One can always
May 12 22:39:26 contribute and one can always have a workaround
May 12 22:39:44 agreed to amani_glugcal
May 12 22:39:54 Hello, Joyoti! Welcome to the group!
May 12 22:40:03 a good motivation is making money
May 12 22:40:09 joyoti, would you like to introduce yourself?
May 12 22:41:00 * glassrose (~glassrose@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 22:41:05 sure
May 12 22:41:14 amani_glugcal, if we talk about branding the experience. Which direction do you think we should look forward to?
May 12 22:41:42 something that will just appeal to every woman.
May 12 22:41:53 I worked in few service based S/W companies in kolkata for last 4 years
May 12 22:42:37 currently left job due to personal issues and trying my luck learning few FOSS tools
May 12 22:43:31 wowsig that way there are different points to be considered...
May 12 22:44:00 great to have you with us, joyoti :)
May 12 22:44:03 hello all
May 12 22:44:07 i am back.
May 12 22:44:24 we have bad brands of feminism in India that will not appeal to the middle class
May 12 22:44:36 and good brands too
May 12 22:45:07 our target is obviously lowwer--upper middle class
May 12 22:45:24 this matters in any approach to feminist issues
May 12 22:46:23 * debamitro (~debamitro@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 22:47:08 We need to give them some incentive and career oppertunities may be a good one.
May 12 22:47:46 * glassrose has quit (Quit: Leaving)
May 12 22:48:31 sunu a multi-faceted approach will not be bad.... some women are on the Internet for entertainment, gossiping ...
May 12 22:49:12 We were thinking of actually going on with a clear approach, it could be a direct question on the lack of women tech leaders in India
May 12 22:49:37 Lots of companies use FOSS ( linux being the best example) and every software company looks for FOSS contribution from potential candidates.
May 12 22:49:41 feminism if backed with clear numbers and something that girls can relate to, should work
May 12 22:49:48 sunu, +1
May 12 22:50:13 how do we wrap all this data into a potent visual or a manifesto
May 12 22:50:39 wowsig, that is a more complex issue. It will not be possible to address such a huge systemic problem at one go.
May 12 22:50:55 * Joyoti has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
May 12 22:51:12 amani_glugcal: If we get some initial traction, the initial members may be able to rope in their friends :)
May 12 22:51:18 Wowsig, I was speaking about women in tech
May 12 22:51:26 amani_glugcal, I am just trying to see this as a marketing problem, so just wondering how do we market this?
May 12 22:52:14 wowsig, just address the correct spaces... I know politics not mkting:)
May 12 22:52:44 In mkting ...you basically bow before the consumer
May 12 22:53:03 we are doing that
May 12 22:53:31 amani_glugcal, :) now when we have overcome the first problem of identifying where to go to promote FOSS, marketing would mean, what exactly do you say that cannot be ignored.
May 12 22:53:46 so, for instance, FOSS is a definite plus on ones CV
May 12 22:53:59 and the contribution is a huge morale booster too
May 12 22:54:08 but is there something more to it?
May 12 22:54:18 wowsig: I think we need an ad campaign which we'll use in our events or prior to them, maybe something like http://www.gotstared.at/ which is related to sexual harassment
May 12 22:54:19 something that simply cannot go unheard
May 12 22:54:20 Foss is great fo idle people to start doing something, making cash
May 12 22:55:20 debamitro, +100, exactly. We have the right product in our hands, we also have the right people who need it. Now it will be about delivering a very strong message.
May 12 22:55:41 feminism related issues are intrinsically attractive... they can be tackled to an extent via foss
May 12 22:55:58 amani_glugcal, +1
May 12 22:56:16 I think we could take a strong stance with two issues
May 12 22:56:21 feminism and foss
May 12 22:56:36 amani_glugcal, how about we do a poster campaign?
May 12 22:56:48 wowsig: Directly telling people that there is lack of women in FOSS world and we think women can do better ?
May 12 22:56:54 amani_glugcal, +1
May 12 22:57:22 sunu, how do we know that women can do better?
May 12 22:57:33 sunu, that is a complicted thing to say to a newbie
May 12 22:58:15 and true, there are very few number of women in FOSS, but how does it matter to the newbies if there's too little or too many?!
May 12 22:58:17 sunu, I am just seeing what is the motivation that we are promoting via this statistic? It is almost like saying the roads in our country are dirty. It is just a little offhand way of saying that you should keep the roads clean
May 12 22:58:25 * Joyoti (57722890@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wfs-india
May 12 22:58:26 sunu that can be in additional writeups
May 12 22:58:41 By 'women can do better' I meant they can partitipate in larger numbers. We need them in the industry. :)
May 12 22:59:02 sunu, +1, that is definitely a message we can put forward.
May 12 22:59:37 sunu, oh sorry! misunderstood what you said. yes totally agree with you
May 12 22:59:49 And also do create a facebook page.
May 12 22:59:50 Poster: "Event Title" for
May 12 23:00:05 satabdi: :)
May 12 23:01:07 Fighting Against Sex Crimes
May 12 23:01:25 For Basic Sex Education for All
May 12 23:01:35 Most non-geeky people use facebook a lot more and it is probably one of the best ways to advertise the event.
May 12 23:01:41 sunu, +1
May 12 23:02:06 For Empowering Women With Free S/W
May 12 23:02:17 sunu agree with you
May 12 23:02:44 Awakening Lazy Women :)
May 12 23:02:55 Umm.. btw could someone give me the link to the mailing list .. I think I lost it :(
May 12 23:03:09 amani_glugcal: +1 :-P
May 12 23:04:33 gotstared.at is a great example
May 12 23:04:53 we should think of a strong domain...
May 12 23:04:59 ideas?
May 12 23:05:09 * debamitro has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
May 12 23:05:33 * satabdi has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
May 12 23:05:50 mozilla or Fedora people may be able to help
May 12 23:05:58 Should I ask?
May 12 23:06:06 amani_glugcal, for what?
May 12 23:06:50 for hosting the event on their website
May 12 23:07:18 amani_glugcal, that will be awesome
May 12 23:07:32 ok
May 12 23:07:54 Having them host the event will do good for the publicity as well :)
May 12 23:07:56 We should also have a lookout for some tech journalists and bloggers who cover the Indian technology sector
May 12 23:08:16 I know EFY people
May 12 23:08:17 * chandankumar has quit (Quit: Leaving)
May 12 23:08:41 OpenSource for you ?
May 12 23:08:53 and others
May 12 23:09:15 I will tell them
May 12 23:09:36 Other channels?
May 12 23:10:10 * satabdi (~satabdi@unaffiliated/satabdi) has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:10:39 sorry got disconnected
May 12 23:11:03 no problem, satabdi
May 12 23:11:15 amani_glugcal: We should try some non-geeky channels too.
May 12 23:11:16 * debamitro (~debamitro@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:11:29 sunu, yes
May 12 23:11:31 we were thinking of a strong domain like gotstared.at
May 12 23:11:55 wowsig: I got disconnected, anyway I think my idea is too abstract, we need something more direct
May 12 23:12:30 * shweta has quit (Quit: Leaving)
May 12 23:12:32 debamitro: Yes. We need a message that hits the nail right on the head
May 12 23:13:30 debamitro: thankfully with social media, if your campaigns are designed well, and you have a very clear agenda, it will get propagated.
May 12 23:14:20 * satabdi_d (~satabdi@unaffiliated/satabdi) has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:14:36 before the online event if we can create a series of posters having very direct messages that would be great
May 12 23:15:09 specs of event website ... we discuss and finalize soon on mailing list
May 12 23:15:12 * gem has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
May 12 23:15:22 amani_glugcal, yes
May 12 23:15:41 satabdi 2-3 posters should be enough
May 12 23:15:52 lets also continue this discussion on the content part on the mailing list
May 12 23:16:31 * shweta (shweta@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:16:35 cool
May 12 23:16:47 I will keep thinking of ideas for poster series..
May 12 23:17:00 * debamitr_ (~debamitro@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:17:14 before people start leaving - 1. lets decide when to meet next 2. if everyone okay with the chat log being public?
May 12 23:17:24 * satabdi has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
May 12 23:17:36 * debamitro has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
May 12 23:18:39 I think satabdi is suffering with a bad network
May 12 23:18:57 would next saturday 9 PM IST work?
May 12 23:19:08 or do we meet earlier?
May 12 23:19:18 date
May 12 23:19:37 18th May
May 12 23:20:04 I'll be around on 18th
May 12 23:20:07 ok
May 12 23:20:07 wowsig: will the glamour quotient bring people, i.e., pics like http://www.vanityfair.com/business/new-establishment/2012/women-in-silicon-valley
May 12 23:20:37 debamitr_: yes, I think we will try all the approaches possible
May 12 23:20:46 debamitr_ no ... it will alienate people
May 12 23:20:59 amani_glugcal: okay, accepted
May 12 23:21:19 I think we should try all the possible options before deciding ourselves what works
May 12 23:21:47 wowsig, amani_glugcal: then how about using marie curie's work/words like http://www.rugusavay.com/marie-curie-quotes/
May 12 23:22:12 she was a double nobel prize winner, and had to struggle a lot to do physics
May 12 23:22:24 although I too am not comfortable with bringing the glamour quotient since it reenforces the stereotypes - but I agree with wowsig - lets try and experiment and see what gives us good return?
May 12 23:22:25 absolutely! plus, quotes of famous women would make beautiful posters
May 12 23:23:03 I think I am misunderstanding the term 'glamour quotient'. What is the context of the term here?
May 12 23:23:51 wowsig: so I am getting that we need to show 1. a powerful quotation 2. good role model(s) in our ad campaignm, right?
May 12 23:23:55 (off topic) so is 18th 10pm fine with every one?
May 12 23:24:09 satabdi_d, yes to both the questions
May 12 23:24:16 Quote #5 on the Marie page is fine
May 12 23:24:18 yes
May 12 23:24:24 Marie Curie quotes are great. +1
May 12 23:24:28 21:00 hrs?
May 12 23:24:30 debamitr_, yes, quotations are a very good idea
May 12 23:24:34 or 22:00 hrs
May 12 23:24:42 interviews are also a great idea
May 12 23:24:55 wowsig not on a poster
May 12 23:25:29 wowsig: Interview on poster ?
May 12 23:25:31 amani_glugcal, :) yeah, not on a poster, but as supplementary content to keep the community alive
May 12 23:25:53 I feel a lot of communities die because of lack of refreshing content.
May 12 23:26:21 we could work wonders if we have a good team contributing to fresh content or curating it.
May 12 23:26:21 * satabdi (~satabdi@unaffiliated/satabdi) has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:26:57 sorry, horrible connection at my end
May 12 23:27:00 If the event is in a month, shouldn't we have a meeting earlier ?
May 12 23:27:35 sunu 18th May 21:00 hrs
May 12 23:27:35 * Joyoti has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
May 12 23:27:56 or earlier?
May 12 23:28:31 * debamitr_ has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
May 12 23:28:36 sunu keep posting on mailing list
May 12 23:28:41 * satabdi_d has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
May 12 23:28:43 amani_glugcal: I was suggesting earlier than that. As we have like 4 weeks only
May 12 23:28:45 how about thursday, 16th May?
May 12 23:29:06 amani_glugcal: Ah. ok.
May 12 23:29:23 * debamitro_ (0e6230cd@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:29:26 final date & time?
May 12 23:29:37 wowsig: 16th may is good for me.
May 12 23:30:10 16th May, 9 PM IST works for everyone?
May 12 23:30:21 Lets do it at 9:30pm
May 12 23:30:28 okay..
May 12 23:30:30 ok and do enough work before that
May 12 23:30:33 if every one is okay with it
May 12 23:30:36 yes
May 12 23:31:03 * debamitro_ has quit (Client Quit)
May 12 23:31:05 yes, anything else?
May 12 23:31:38 so I am taking it as no one has any problem with the chat log being public?
May 12 23:31:39 what are the to-dos?
May 12 23:31:50 We should get the advertising materials ready and book a domain.
May 12 23:31:53 I will be working on poster concepts
May 12 23:32:05 wowsig, the survery we were talking about today
May 12 23:32:06 So that we can start advertising asap.
May 12 23:32:15 that would give us data to ponder upon
May 12 23:32:17 the ideas for domain are getting discussed on the mailing list is it?
May 12 23:32:27 satabdi, that we will continue to work on in the BG
May 12 23:32:56 satabdi, I will also scan and send today's discussion notes to everyone
May 12 23:33:04 * gem (~nandaja@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:33:10 that would be great
May 12 23:33:46 to book a domain we need to finalize on a name
May 12 23:34:28 wfs-india.in
May 12 23:34:35 wfs.in
May 12 23:34:49 freewomen.in
May 12 23:35:09 fosswomen.in
May 12 23:35:45 wfs.in looks best
May 12 23:36:23 foss has 'open source' in it :)
May 12 23:36:37 wfs.in is taken
May 12 23:37:00 so till we meet next - 1. lets decide the name 2. lets have a few ideas to make posters
May 12 23:37:17 fosswomen.in looks good
May 12 23:37:32 decide web specs, add events,
May 12 23:37:45 I like freewomen and fosswomen.in
May 12 23:37:47 * debamitro (~debamitro@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:37:50 flosswomen.in
May 12 23:38:18 librewomen.in would be less ambiguous
May 12 23:39:11 fosswomen, flosswomen, librewomen - all are available
May 12 23:39:55 how about womeninfoss.in??
May 12 23:40:07 librewomen
May 12 23:40:28 freewomen.in would be better for those who don't know what foss/floss is.
May 12 23:41:07 womeninfoss looks good too.
May 12 23:42:03 sunu, that is confusing ppl use internet fot different purposes
May 12 23:42:25 * debamitro has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
May 12 23:42:55 shweta: hmm, agreed.
May 12 23:45:03 libreamie
May 12 23:46:09 librewomen or flosswomen would be better
May 12 23:46:29 the prev one is too french
May 12 23:46:37 amani_glugcal: libreamie is complex
May 12 23:47:24 My vote for librewomen.in
May 12 23:49:31 * gem_ (~nandaja@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:52:05 * gem has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
May 12 23:52:48 * gem__ (~nandaja@ has joined #wfs-india
May 12 23:53:05 Thanks everybody, shall we declare the meeting closed now?
May 12 23:53:34 * gem__ is now known as gem
May 12 23:53:46 sure
May 12 23:53:54 yes
May 12 23:54:24 ok bye for now
May 12 23:54:29 * gem_ has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
May 12 23:55:07 satabdi, next meeting is on 16th or 18th?
May 12 23:55:14 16
May 12 23:55:23 time?
May 12 23:55:31 9:30pm
May 12 23:55:37 :)
May 12 23:55:49 ohk see you all then bbye :)
May 12 23:55:55 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to satabdi
May 12 23:56:19 * shweta has quit (Quit: Leaving)
May 12 23:56:37 * satabdi has changed the topic to: Next meeting on Thursday 16th May at 9:30pm.
May 12 23:56:51 * Disconnected ().
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Sun May 12 23:56:51 2013
[personal profile] satabdi

  • Decided to hold an online event on the Cultural Freedom Day - 20 May.

  • Tentative schedule and task distribution -

    • Digital Art comptetion - AMani

    • MediaWiki Hacakathon - Sucheta
    • Hackathon and tutorial on localization - ChandanKumar

    • Promotion - Wowsig & satabdi

The next meeting is going to be on 12 May Sunday at 10pm at #wfs-india on irc.freenode.net.

The entire chat log is as follows -

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Tue May  7 20:57:46 2013

May 07 20:57:46 *    Now talking on #wfs-india
May 07 20:57:46 *    Topic for #wfs-india is: Next meeting planned on Tuesday 7 April at 9pm IST. Please join if you are interested.
May 07 20:57:46 *    Topic for #wfs-india set by satabdi!~satabdi@unaffiliated/satabdi at Fri May  3 23:55:58 2013
May 07 20:58:13 *    Amrita has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
May 07 21:00:07 <satabdi>    shall we start now?
May 07 21:00:34 *    ChanServ gives channel operator status to satabdi
May 07 21:01:09 *    satabdi has changed the topic to: Second Planning meeting of wfs-india
May 07 21:01:44 *    ChanServ removes channel operator status from satabdi
May 07 21:01:53 *    Amrita (~amrita@ has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:02:12 <amani_glugcal>    Yes
May 07 21:02:23 <satabdi>    Hi all, lets start now.
May 07 21:02:38 <chandankumar>    satabdi, Hi
May 07 21:03:00 <satabdi>    The agenda includes -  1. make plans for an event 2.  divide the tasks among ourselves
May 07 21:03:21 <amani_glugcal>    online or ...
May 07 21:03:51 <satabdi>    list of possible tasks suggsted by amani_glugcal - List of possible Tasks (prelim list):
May 07 21:03:51 <satabdi>    0. Events to get more talent in
May 07 21:03:51 <satabdi>    1. Where can we organize a large event and get more people in?
May 07 21:03:51 <satabdi>    2. Will an online strategy be better to start with?
May 07 21:03:51 <satabdi>    3. Each one of us should reach out to some target groups. Identify them.
May 07 21:03:51 <satabdi>    4. Website presence should be improved (specs, content )
May 07 21:03:51 <satabdi>    5. Aim for a distributed web presence with chapters
May 07 21:03:51 <satabdi>    6. We should also try and reach out to feminist groups? fsmk for
May 07 21:03:51 <satabdi>    example, has done good work among the poorer classes.
May 07 21:03:56 <satabdi>    hi chandankumar
May 07 21:04:26 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, online is definitely easier - could you please share how can it be done?
May 07 21:04:58 <amani_glugcal>    20th May is Cultural freedom day
May 07 21:05:32 <amani_glugcal>    we can have 1. a few sprints
May 07 21:06:05 <amani_glugcal>    2. invite contributions that involve use of free s/w
May 07 21:06:17 <amani_glugcal>    like digital art
May 07 21:06:39 <amani_glugcal>    involve students, and others
May 07 21:07:10 *    ashfaq has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
May 07 21:07:26 <amani_glugcal>    sprints would be for experienced foss people like documentation/tutorial sprints
May 07 21:07:53 <amani_glugcal>    Even if our site is not up to it
May 07 21:08:06 <amani_glugcal>    the event can be distributed
May 07 21:08:52 <amani_glugcal>    What do you suggest?
May 07 21:08:54 <amani_glugcal>    gimp tutorial,
May 07 21:09:03 <satabdi>    we can ask other projects if they are willing to participate then it can be done
May 07 21:09:36 *    ashfaq (~ashfaq@ has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:09:44 <amani_glugcal>    At fedora there was some interest
May 07 21:10:04 *    aruna (~chatzilla@ has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:10:19 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, satabdi we can tell people to start with localization. one of the easiest way to get started in open source.
May 07 21:10:54 <satabdi>    chandankumar, localization is a good idea
May 07 21:11:23 <amani_glugcal>    chandankumar we are talking about an event ... localization sprints are specialized events
May 07 21:11:41 <amani_glugcal>    tutorials on localization maybe
May 07 21:12:25 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, yes tutorials will be better, we can assign some small strings to get started.
May 07 21:13:07 <satabdi>    let us also think from the perspective of a prospective participant - why should she take part in such event?
May 07 21:13:38 <amani_glugcal>    learn to do digital art
May 07 21:13:39 <satabdi>    may be that would help us to decide what we want to do in such an event
May 07 21:13:40 <chandankumar>    yes, satabdi you are right.
May 07 21:13:52 <amani_glugcal>    develop parts of an OS
May 07 21:14:08 <amani_glugcal>    learn to edit music
May 07 21:14:20 <amani_glugcal>    create music, videos, podcasts
May 07 21:14:43 <amani_glugcal>    We should promote along those lines
May 07 21:15:55 <amani_glugcal>    Fix topics
May 07 21:16:08 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, let us also include some material aspects :) a few days back I heard two long time FOSS contributors moaning over the fact that college students do not have the urge to tinker and play around with stuff - they take part in FOSS to add points to their CV - which I am perfectly fine with.
May 07 21:16:16 *    shweta (75e26839@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:16:48 <shweta>    hi
May 07 21:17:02 <chandankumar>    satabdi, yes
May 07 21:17:05 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, yes they like certificates
May 07 21:17:22 <ashfaq>    Getting into foss to add points to CV acts like a stepping stone. in course of time atleast 1% of them will contribute to FOSS
May 07 21:17:23 <amani_glugcal>    we can provide them those if they participate
May 07 21:17:38 <satabdi>    in India, where getting job is the soul aim of so many and there is so cut throat competition, if someone aims at getting job, i see nothing bad there - and I think we should also think of such things when we plan something
May 07 21:17:58 <satabdi>    and we can hope for that at least a few of them will stick to FOSS for the love of it
May 07 21:17:59 <amani_glugcal>    I have nice templates
May 07 21:18:30 <chandankumar>    satabdi, their contribution in FOSS will help them to get a job as well as enhance their skills.
May 07 21:18:39 <satabdi>    certificates will be good
May 07 21:18:43 <satabdi>    chandankumar, bingo
May 07 21:19:39 <satabdi>    in our promotional material we should include these - certificate, skill enhancement
May 07 21:20:15 <amani_glugcal>    Participants will be provided certificates with remarks .... should we involve Fedora
May 07 21:20:21 <amani_glugcal>    ?
May 07 21:20:44 <satabdi>     yes, we should involve as many ppl and orgs as possible
May 07 21:20:54 <satabdi>    fedora mozilla whosoever is interested
May 07 21:20:54 <chandankumar>    satabdi, to promote we can take the help of mozilla webmaker in order to learn them web making.
May 07 21:21:04 <satabdi>    I can talk to Marina for GNOME
May 07 21:21:25 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, ok
May 07 21:21:47 <amani_glugcal>    I will try to get Fedora involved
May 07 21:22:17 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, we can talk to kushal das or other guys regarding fedora.
May 07 21:22:25 *    aruna has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
May 07 21:22:32 *    debamitro (~satabdi@ has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:22:38 <amani_glugcal>    I am a ambassador, etc
May 07 21:23:07 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, mozilla will provide to help in these events. :)
May 07 21:23:34 <debamitro>    do  we have a consensus on the activity in the event?
May 07 21:23:38 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, mozilla will fill proud to help in these events. :)
May 07 21:23:39 <amani_glugcal>    chandankumar, ok
May 07 21:24:20 <amani_glugcal>    ok we will involve fedora, mozilla, gnome at least
May 07 21:24:35 <debamitro>    amani_glugcal: +1
May 07 21:24:49 <sucheta>    Hello. I am joining late, I guess.
May 07 21:25:26 <satabdi>    sucheta, no problem - just hop in! :)
May 07 21:25:38 <satabdi>    sucheta, we are discussing about holding an online event
May 07 21:26:07 <satabdi>    sucheta, we are thinking of involving Fedora, Mozilla, Gnome for that
May 07 21:26:14 <amani_glugcal>    shortlist activities:
May 07 21:26:29 <satabdi>    sucheta, can we also involve wikimedia?
May 07 21:26:58 <sucheta>    satabdi, I was just going to propose that. Sure, we can involve MediaWiki!
May 07 21:27:27 <sucheta>    Wikimedia, in general.
May 07 21:27:43 <sucheta>    Depending on the goals of the event.
May 07 21:27:51 <amani_glugcal>    sucheta, activities related to mediawiki?
May 07 21:28:02 <debamitro>    what are the goals, that's what I am curious to know
May 07 21:28:28 <debamitro>    since most of the ideas being discussed here will be relevant to only those who are already partly into FOSS, i feel
May 07 21:29:10 <debamitro>    are we reaching out to people who have only interacted with windows and with samsung phones? -- then we can plan accordingly
May 07 21:29:20 <amani_glugcal>    no, we want to get new talent in/ introduce foss too
May 07 21:29:45 <sucheta>    amani_glugcal, Well, if its an online event. I could think of conducting a remote hackathon or something.
May 07 21:30:11 <sucheta>    Hacking on MediaWiki stuff.
May 07 21:30:24 <debamitro>    amani_glugcal: right, now think how would we introduce foss as something interesting to the kind of people I am talking about
May 07 21:30:29 <amani_glugcal>    Target:  college, school students
May 07 21:30:42 <sucheta>    Gadgets and UserScripts are what we suggest to start with.
May 07 21:30:58 <debamitro>    sucheta: how many newcomers will be able to 'hack', that too remotely, I wonder
May 07 21:31:39 <satabdi>    sucheta: what are the necessary skills for using gadgets and userscripts?
May 07 21:31:50 <amani_glugcal>    sucheta event will be ~ 20th May cultural freedom day
May 07 21:32:44 <shweta>    amani_glugcal: 20th may at what time ?
May 07 21:33:39 <ashfaq>    for cultural freedom day we can have events like poster designing, photography, maybe some music too if people are interested. (Introduce them to inkscape gimp, audacity before hand.)
May 07 21:33:44 <amani_glugcal>    Some events will be on the day 18:00 to 22:00 hrs (say)
May 07 21:34:09 <amani_glugcal>    with parallel sessions
May 07 21:34:33 *    amrita_ (~amrita@ has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:35:06 <satabdi>     ashfaq in that case we need to put some good tutorials online
May 07 21:35:32 <sucheta>    debamitro, satabdi, amani_glugcal : Well, this is the idea: http://etherpad.wikimedia.org/beginner-hackathons-thoughts
May 07 21:36:10 *    Amrita has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
May 07 21:36:21 *    debamitro (~satabdi@ has left #wfs-india
May 07 21:37:08 *    shweta has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
May 07 21:37:34 <ashfaq>    satabdi meetthegimp has some excellent online tutorial, will see if i can find somthing for inkscape.but if people already use softwares like Photoshop/corel draw it wouldnt be very tough to get a hang of inkscape or gimp
May 07 21:38:28 <sucheta>    debamitro, We have done remote hackathons quite a few times now. I would not say they were some huge success. (Not sure, how to measure that :)) But we did manage to get potential contributors out of it. Those are usually done over Google Hangout.
May 07 21:38:29 <amani_glugcal>    sucheta, ok that is for people who know something
May 07 21:39:31 <amani_glugcal>     a central event page
May 07 21:39:43 <amani_glugcal>    on dw?
May 07 21:40:05 <amani_glugcal>    chandankumar?
May 07 21:40:22 *    anivar (~anivar@ has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:40:23 *    anivar has quit (Changing host)
May 07 21:40:23 *    anivar (~anivar@unaffiliated/anivar) has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:40:24 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, once we decide on the activities we can put them on dreamwidth
May 07 21:40:31 *    debamitro (b64445ae@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:40:41 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, ok
May 07 21:40:53 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, ok
May 07 21:41:09 <sucheta>    amani_glugcal, Ah. Well, a little bit of knowledge in programming would be important. Preferably JavaSrcipt.
May 07 21:41:13 *    shweta (75e26839@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wfs-india
May 07 21:41:18 <sucheta>    JavaScript*
May 07 21:42:12 *    chandankumar was out for sometime to receive a call.
May 07 21:42:15 <sucheta>    Or we can have a very elementary presentation on - 'How to become a MediaWiki contributor'. Or something of that sort.
May 07 21:42:34 <satabdi>    I think we should have some programming sprint - so if gadget and userscript is a good starting point then we can use them
May 07 21:42:47 <debamitro>    sucheta: going through your link...
May 07 21:43:22 <amani_glugcal>    sucheta, ok you will take care of the two topics
May 07 21:43:50 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, can i help for localization tutorial?
May 07 21:44:23 <satabdi>    and one thing - we should always ask ourselves before organising something - is it interesting and useful for the non-FOSS- people?
May 07 21:44:52 <amani_glugcal>    chandankumar, details
May 07 21:45:21 <debamitro>    sucheta: the plan is good and I can see that it works -- however it needs some programming/scripting experience
May 07 21:45:33 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, i have to create a tutorial for this.
May 07 21:46:02 <amani_glugcal>    what will be in it target audience desired skill set
May 07 21:46:11 <sucheta>    debamitro, This is a report of the last MediaWiki event, I have conducted: http://mikipedian.blogspot.in/2013/03/wikipedia-at-avenir-took-place-on-11th_12.html -this is basically how we do it. And precisely what happens when we have to deal with people without any prior programming experience.
May 07 21:46:17 <debamitro>    sucheta: how much time will it take to go over the stuff in the doc?
May 07 21:47:48 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, for localization, they need to know (read+write+type)their mother tongue, understand technical terms basically
May 07 21:48:26 <debamitro>    chandankumar: your idea is more doable for non-programming folk, but how are you going to excite them?
May 07 21:48:56 <sucheta>    debamitro, However, my experience says, it takes a two hour remote (mini) hackathon to get a MediaWiki developer from a JS developer. :)
May 07 21:49:04 <sucheta>    debamitro, Sorry, which doc
May 07 21:49:06 <sucheta>    ?
May 07 21:49:08 <debamitro>    sucheta: read the report, but we are planning an online event so we won't have all day
May 07 21:49:12 <debamitro>    sucheta: the etherpad
May 07 21:49:58 <sucheta>    debamitro, As I said. Remote hackathons won't be for those without any prior programming experience.
May 07 21:50:03 <chandankumar>    debamitro, for every word they  translate, their name will be appear in the software, if they are viewed in their mother tongue.
May 07 21:50:09 <ashfaq>    localization is something which i feels comes later, when people have understood working of FOSS and philosophy. Though in all our events i suggest we keep some time for localization. say spend 20 mins on asking each of the participant to translate 2-3 strings in thier own mother tounge
May 07 21:50:34 <debamitro>    chandankumar: good, now you are bringing out the passion -- everyone can relate to passion
May 07 21:51:29 <chandankumar>    debamitro, ashfaq amani_glugcal satabdi sucheta they can html, css from webmaker.org
May 07 21:52:09 <satabdi>    wowsig, slightly off topic - but can we create one or two posters/videos to promote the event - we need to show FOSS as something attractive
May 07 21:52:31 <debamitro>    what if we plan a online  pre-event to excite non-programmers, and then get people to fill up forms, from which we take people for the online hackathon?
May 07 21:52:49 <chandankumar>    debamitro, they can learn to create attractive videos using popcorn maker.
May 07 21:53:04 <wowsig>    satabdi, we can for sure. I was thinking more on the lines of this: http://thereconstructionists.org/ for women in computing
May 07 21:53:10 <amani_glugcal>    debamitro, we are planning parallel sessions and
May 07 21:53:33 <satabdi>    chandankumar, webmaker.org is cool!
May 07 21:53:39 <amani_glugcal>    longer noninteractive sessions for digital art
May 07 21:53:44 <wowsig>    satabdi, I would really like to take that idea up as a side project
May 07 21:54:14 <amani_glugcal>    wowsig, can you do it in LaTeX
May 07 21:54:34 <wowsig>    amani_glugcal, what exactly?
May 07 21:54:49 <amani_glugcal>    poster
May 07 21:55:06 <chandankumar>    satabdi, in future, they want to learn more programming languages and do awesome open source project they can join #dgplug summer training.
May 07 21:55:35 <wowsig>    amani_glugcal, I am afraid not. I am a mere inkscape person. If someone guides me through it, I will try
May 07 21:55:48 <satabdi>    wowsig, yes we need to do something like that in India - another one on similar line but limited to tech is girslintech - they publish top 100 women in tech in europe and things like that
May 07 21:56:13 <amani_glugcal>    wowsig, I have nice templates.... can be adjusted
May 07 21:56:19 <wowsig>    satabdi, please let's start doing this. It will maintain my interest :)
May 07 21:56:38 <wowsig>    amani_glugcal, sure. Let's do it then
May 07 21:57:13 <wowsig>    satabdi, do we have such a listing in India?
May 07 21:57:34 <satabdi>    okay - cool - to collect the loose threads together - lets try to get a draft of the activity list and share responsibilities among us
May 07 21:58:12 <amani_glugcal>    ashfaq, will do a inkscape tutorial
May 07 21:58:23 <satabdi>    wowsig, no and it's something I am very interested in doing. lets talk about it later
May 07 21:58:37 <amani_glugcal>    can anybody manage a digital arty\ competition
May 07 21:58:38 <wowsig>    satabdi, Cool.
May 07 21:58:53 <wowsig>    What activities do we have here already?
May 07 21:59:22 <amani_glugcal>    sucheta : hackathon, introduction
May 07 21:59:40 <amani_glugcal>    chandankumar: localisation
May 07 21:59:52 <satabdi>    sucheta, can you get a couple of intro tutorials on the event (preferably video/slideshow)
May 07 22:00:09 <amani_glugcal>    gimp: who?
May 07 22:00:22 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, yes *localization
May 07 22:00:58 *    anivar has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
May 07 22:01:07 <amani_glugcal>    For newbies?
May 07 22:01:10 *    anivar (~anivar@ has joined #wfs-india
May 07 22:01:10 *    anivar has quit (Changing host)
May 07 22:01:10 *    anivar (~anivar@unaffiliated/anivar) has joined #wfs-india
May 07 22:01:22 <satabdi>    ashfaq, can you please get one or two good GIMP tutorials?
May 07 22:01:57 <ashfaq>    we can use the existing tutorials, http://blog.meetthegimp.org/ is one of the best tutorials ive come across for gimp
May 07 22:02:16 <sucheta>    debamitro, That sounded good! Context: Pre-event for non-programmers or maybe for everyone in general?
May 07 22:02:30 <sucheta>    satabdi, Sure, I can do that :)
May 07 22:02:42 <amani_glugcal>    How are we planning on doing the tutorials?
May 07 22:02:47 <debamitro>    wowsig: are you doing the promo/poster for the event (or series of events)? you can tie your idea to this
May 07 22:03:06 <wowsig>    debamitro: Yup.
May 07 22:03:12 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, preferable video and slideshows?
May 07 22:03:13 <debamitro>    sucheta: everyone in general, programmers might get bored
May 07 22:03:15 <wowsig>    I will take up the branding
May 07 22:04:45 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, what about learning by doing on irc?
May 07 22:04:53 <debamitro>    sucheta: see I am a professional programmer for many years, but still I am clueless about many things you people are saying, I was wondering what will a non-programmer think at the event
May 07 22:05:10 <satabdi>    sucheta and chandankumar are responsible for hackathon and localization  events then! who is going to own up GIMP event? in fact I am not very clear how can we have an online event with GIMP?
May 07 22:05:12 <debamitro>    sucheta: yet setting the right context can excite anyone who is enthusiastic in life
May 07 22:06:19 <satabdi>    wowsig, cool!
May 07 22:06:22 <amani_glugcal>    debamitro, total newbies may be able to use chat at least or interact via a white board system
May 07 22:06:29 <debamitro>    sucheta: so the idea is to show that you don't need to rely on microsoft or samsung or google to give you your software -- you can create software
May 07 22:06:58 <debamitro>    sucheta: and coding, localisation, documents, artwork, promotion are all part of a software product
May 07 22:07:09 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, white board system?
May 07 22:07:20 <sucheta>    debamitro, Uhm yes. That is the basic idea, sure.
May 07 22:07:27 <amani_glugcal>    for online interaction
May 07 22:07:39 <sucheta>    debamitro, Why do you think programmers might get bored?
May 07 22:08:19 <debamitro>    sucheta: and we encourage total non-programmers to see it in this light and then ask them "are you coming to our hackathon, here's s sneak preview of what we'll make you do if you join"
May 07 22:08:50 <debamitro>    sucheta: dunno just guessing
May 07 22:09:14 <sucheta>    I understand the problem that non-programmers would face, as you said. That totally makes sense.
May 07 22:09:35 <wowsig>    I have a question, don't know if this has been answered. If it is an online event, how is the promotion happening?
May 07 22:09:49 *    amrita_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
May 07 22:10:07 <debamitro>    wowsig: sucheta and I have been talking about this only
May 07 22:10:21 <amani_glugcal>    wowsig, we will promote it through various channels
May 07 22:10:26 *    Amrita (~amrita@ has joined #wfs-india
May 07 22:10:28 <wowsig>    like?
May 07 22:10:29 <debamitro>    wowsig: how do you think we can promote it?
May 07 22:10:36 <chandankumar>    wowsig, through sharing on social media,
May 07 22:10:42 <amani_glugcal>    all mailing lists, reddit,
May 07 22:11:04 <debamitro>    wowsig: oo  I was thinking of the promotinal event when you said promotion
May 07 22:11:19 <amani_glugcal>    indian mailing lists on politics,etc
May 07 22:11:23 <wowsig>    If it is for newcomers, I am not sure if they would be targeted through the mentioned channels
May 07 22:11:49 <amani_glugcal>    schools, colleges?
May 07 22:12:23 <wowsig>    How does one promote an online event in schools and colleges? I think this is a critical piece of the puzzle.
May 07 22:12:40 <wowsig>    We should have someone for marketing too
May 07 22:12:46 <chandankumar>    wowsig, i think create a event page on facebook or sharing poster among friends will reach to many people.
May 07 22:12:51 <satabdi>    wowsig, through social media, college mailing groups, word of mouth , ads on social media (being very ambitious here )
May 07 22:12:53 <amani_glugcal>    If we have a poster, then I can get it distributed to various colleges in Kolkata
May 07 22:13:10 <wowsig>    creating a landing page and then using the initial voucher that google offers for ads
May 07 22:13:14 <wowsig>    that could be done
May 07 22:13:48 <satabdi>    wowsig, do you know how to do it?
May 07 22:13:55 <wowsig>    yeah.
May 07 22:14:16 <satabdi>    in any case we need to distribute posters in colleges and schools
May 07 22:14:27 <sucheta>    debamitro, If an introduction to Free and Open Source world is what we are concerned about, for now - Even a programmer needs that. For example - I am participating in GSoC as a mentor for Ankur this year, I can tell you there are a lot of applications which would say how much they have written code all this while, but a few of them have a GitHub (or similar) repository.
May 07 22:14:34 <wowsig>    We should be extremely data conscious in this effort, measuring every footprint and its impact.
May 07 22:14:42 <satabdi>    and exploit facebook and other such sites as much as possible
May 07 22:14:54 *    ashfaq has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
May 07 22:14:56 <satabdi>    wowsig, data conscious?
May 07 22:15:40 <wowsig>    yes, measuring where all we advertised, how many people turned up from which channels, will only lead to better promotions for the next event
May 07 22:15:40 <sucheta>    So basically, the idea is to spread the idea of open source, free software, free culture etc.
May 07 22:16:06 <sucheta>    satabdi, BTW, I can also contact WikiWomen Collaborative, if that helps?
May 07 22:16:07 <satabdi>    wowsig, +1
May 07 22:16:13 <wowsig>    satabdi, let us discuss this idea further
May 07 22:16:25 <satabdi>    sucheta, sure.
May 07 22:16:36 <amani_glugcal>    Will we be able to do all that well within 20th May or do we choose a different date?
May 07 22:16:58 <satabdi>    lets all try to collaborate with others who support the cause and make it reach as many as possible
May 07 22:17:39 <debamitro>    sucheta: point taken, everyone needs it, even I do
May 07 22:17:51 <chandankumar>    sucheta, many people started contribution from college, when i tell that i have started my contribution through localization, and i have got my name in vlc media player author's list. by seeing that they started contributing.
May 07 22:18:19 <sucheta>    satabdi, They have been doing remote edit-a-thons for Wikipedia during Women's Day.
May 07 22:18:38 <sucheta>    Actually for the last one month.
May 07 22:18:46 <satabdi>    sucheta, idea is also to spread in such a way that they feel attracted to it - they may join because of passion, because of CV improvement, because of thousand other things - but let them join first - then we can expect at least some of them will stick to FOSS
May 07 22:19:24 <satabdi>    wowsig, chandankumar has a good point
May 07 22:19:37 <sucheta>    satabdi, Sure. :)
May 07 22:20:11 <amani_glugcal>    Do we have any competitions?
May 07 22:20:15 <sucheta>    satabdi, debamitro  So a Wikipedia edit-a-thon should be for everyone!
May 07 22:20:25 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, the date has a significance! it will help us build an environment
May 07 22:20:30 <wowsig>    sucheta +1
May 07 22:20:43 <chandankumar>    satabdi, amani_glugcal i am planning to organize a event on vlc media player localization in between 14 may to 21st may, 13.
May 07 22:20:44 <satabdi>    sucheta, yes
May 07 22:21:13 <amani_glugcal>    I have a registration for cultural Freedom day... will adjust it to this
May 07 22:21:17 <debamitro>    one off-topic question -- why are we having such a small turnout in the irc meeting, or the google group
May 07 22:21:30 <sucheta>    satabdi, Okay. I would need a write-up for this whole idea to contact them.
May 07 22:21:36 <wowsig>    amani_glugcal, we should keep the line up events for the first event crisp.
May 07 22:21:59 <debamitro>    are we not really appealing to women to join this initiative?
May 07 22:22:14 <wowsig>    debamitro, that is why it is important to also consider the marketing aspect of this initiative very strongly.
May 07 22:22:28 <satabdi>    wowsig, so far we have decided on edit-a-thon, localization
May 07 22:22:30 <wowsig>    I feel we are not reaching out or even if we are
May 07 22:22:39 <wowsig>    we don't know the numbers
May 07 22:22:41 <debamitro>    wowsig: yes, f'got to +1 on what you said earlier
May 07 22:23:11 <satabdi>    wowsig, +100 we need some cool promotional materials
May 07 22:23:18 <wowsig>    debamitro, I have added this to my to-be-discussed-at-length with you guys
May 07 22:23:20 <wowsig>    :)
May 07 22:23:41 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, are we having these 2 events or I have missed out anything?
May 07 22:24:09 <debamitro>    wowsig: sure
May 07 22:24:23 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, we need to add more
May 07 22:24:59 <wowsig>    I think two are enough
May 07 22:25:11 <wowsig>    Let us concentrate our energies into these two events
May 07 22:25:20 <amani_glugcal>    Shall I ask RMS to deliver a lecture
May 07 22:25:40 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, what is the feasibility of us getting support from companies like mozilla or redhat is sponsoring a competition ?
May 07 22:26:12 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, at Fedora one needs to apply earlier.
May 07 22:26:24 <amani_glugcal>    Mozilla should be easier
May 07 22:26:39 <amani_glugcal>    sponsorship is different
May 07 22:26:40 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, if we can get a short video clip of him on the subject we can use it as promotional material - he speaks very passionately and is quite inspirational
May 07 22:27:15 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, ok will get a video
May 07 22:28:00 <amani_glugcal>    Redhat sponsorship ... will ask relevant people
May 07 22:28:59 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, from mozilla we can get swag like: mozilla stickers, band etc.
May 07 22:29:00 <amani_glugcal>    But the issue will be ... we cannot handle finance
May 07 22:29:14 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, if we get sponsorship, then we can think of a competition - with prizes people will be attracted towards it more -
May 07 22:29:52 <wowsig>    amani_glugcal, are there some prerequisites for getting financial help?
May 07 22:29:56 <debamitro>    can we create our own video for promotion
May 07 22:30:10 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, yes and for that we need to collaborate with registered groups who can handle finance (ofcourse if such a group is willing to help us))
May 07 22:30:16 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, so we directly involve Fedora, Mozilla etc
May 07 22:30:59 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, ah! got it! so we directly ask them to hold such a thing? but the question is will they be interested?
May 07 22:31:33 <amani_glugcal>    Yes, if I say it is a Fedora event, then it is :)
May 07 22:31:39 <debamitro>    one more idea for involving newcomers -- let's start a mini-project which we will get done with women who are new to programming or foss
May 07 22:32:03 <chandankumar>    satabdi, when i organize mozilla localization sprint, the person who translate maximum string, i give mozilla t-shirt as a prize.
May 07 22:32:08 <amani_glugcal>    The idea is we are jointly organizing it
May 07 22:32:25 <chandankumar>    amani_glugcal, the same is for mozilla also.:-)
May 07 22:32:52 <debamitro>    we'll advertise that we will be taking a fixed number, say 5, women who are willing newbies of any age, and the mini-project can be creating a website for wfs-india
May 07 22:33:07 <satabdi>    (off topic) before every one leaves the group - 1. please vote yes or no on making the chat log public 2. when we meet next? Is coming Sunday 26May 10PM good with everyone?
May 07 22:33:13 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi also other people in Fedora are interested
May 07 22:33:25 <debamitro>    so all parts of the site -- design, coding, sys admin everything will be done by the people selected, and we can mentor them
May 07 22:33:30 <debamitro>    is it outrageous?
May 07 22:34:05 <debamitro>    if needed we can arrange for some money to be given
May 07 22:34:22 <debamitro>    my contention is that doing is the best and most enjoyable way of learning
May 07 22:35:55 <satabdi>    chandankumar, since it's going to be an online event distributing tshirts and stuffs like that won't be easy
May 07 22:36:15 <amani_glugcal>    debamitro, website part for wfs-india can be thought of later...involves lot of planning
May 07 22:36:22 <chandankumar>    satabdi, yes! you are right. :-)
May 07 22:36:31 <wowsig>    1. Yes, the chat should go public 2. Sunday is good
May 07 22:36:55 <amani_glugcal>    We can discuss the event on mailing list/dw
May 07 22:36:59 <debamitro>    amani_glugcal: website is hardly the goal, goal is to get ppl working in something that they can relate to and something that will involve foss
May 07 22:37:11 <wowsig>    debamitro +1
May 07 22:37:14 <chandankumar>    debamitro, +1
May 07 22:37:24 <satabdi>    chandankumar, yet if we can include some sort prizes/rewards it would make the event even more attractive to a newbie
May 07 22:37:51 <chandankumar>    satabdi, that will be better. :-)
May 07 22:38:08 <amani_glugcal>    debamitro, then look into more basic things like creating blogs using css, etc
May 07 22:38:37 <debamitro>    amani_glugcal: will a newcomer relate to it?
May 07 22:38:57 <amani_glugcal>    debamitro, for herself
May 07 22:39:12 <satabdi>    one fundamental question - we will keep this event for women only? right?
May 07 22:39:28 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, right
May 07 22:39:39 <chandankumar>    yes
May 07 22:39:54 <satabdi>    in the joining / registration phase they have to only tick a declaration that she is a she :)
May 07 22:40:52 <satabdi>    chandankumar, amani_glugcal sucheta shweta Please share what you think on - (off topic) before every one leaves the group - 1. please vote yes or no on making the chat log public 2. when we meet next? Is coming Sunday 26May 10PM good with everyone?
May 07 22:40:53 <sucheta>    satabdi, chat should go public, yes. And 26May?
May 07 22:40:54 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, this part is complex
May 07 22:41:14 <amani_glugcal>    chat can be made public
May 07 22:41:15 <debamitro>    amani_glugcal: yes, still will she? but if we say hey we need you to work on the upcoming site for wfs-india which will be done only by women then it becomes much more meaningful
May 07 22:41:36 <chandankumar>    satabdi, 1.)yes 2.) yes
May 07 22:41:57 <debamitro>    amani_glugcal: blog is a matter of mood, a person might not want to change her blog stylesheet abruptly
May 07 22:42:05 <shweta>    satabdi: yes for making chat public and coming sunday is fine with me for next meeting
May 07 22:42:29 <satabdi>    debamitro, i see merit in your idea - but I support amani_glugcal - for the website we need to plan - and for volunteers we need to decide jobs in small chunk
May 07 22:42:54 <satabdi>    otherwise if someone decides to leave in the middle the website will be in a nowhere state
May 07 22:43:06 <sucheta>    satabdi, We need a write-up for the whole idea.
May 07 22:43:10 <debamitro>    amani_glugcal, satabdi: my idea is strictly after the editathon and the other event we planned
May 07 22:43:50 <satabdi>    sucheta, yes! lets do it together
May 07 22:44:31 <satabdi>    i'll prepare a draft and share in the google group - we can review it then and make changes to it
May 07 22:44:47 *    Amrita has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
May 07 22:44:50 <satabdi>    debamitro, with planning it can be done
May 07 22:45:23 <debamitro>    how about a video -- say sucheta wowsig amani_glugcal satabdi all record 20 seconds each, we can join it up for a promo video
May 07 22:45:40 *    Amrita (~amrita@ has joined #wfs-india
May 07 22:45:58 <wowsig>    debamitro, we should meet up and decide on what is it that we want to convey. Will do the video then
May 07 22:46:47 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, chandankumar sucheta wowsig shweta - the next meeting I suggested on 12 May - not 26th may - thanks shweta for pointing it out
May 07 22:46:50 <debamitro>    wowsig: just answer this question: "why should you join this event" and record it on a smartphone
May 07 22:47:10 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, ok
May 07 22:47:18 <wowsig>    debamitro, sounds good :)
May 07 22:47:22 <chandankumar>    satabdi, ok
May 07 22:48:30 <sucheta>    satabdi, Okay! In the meantime I'll try to get in more women, I know.
May 07 22:48:49 <amani_glugcal>    We should have most things ready by 14th May
May 07 22:49:58 <satabdi>    sucheta, +1
May 07 22:50:27 <chandankumar>    sucheta, i will tell the same in my college
May 07 22:50:51 <sucheta>    chandankumar, Sure. Do that :)
May 07 22:50:51 <chandankumar>    * satabdi
May 07 22:51:01 <satabdi>    so far then we have 2 events right?
May 07 22:51:11 <chandankumar>    satabdi, yes
May 07 22:51:13 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi 3
May 07 22:51:18 <amani_glugcal>    inkscape
May 07 22:51:29 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, who is taking charge of that?
May 07 22:51:38 <amani_glugcal>    ash..
May 07 22:51:46 <debamitro>    Amrita: it is perfectly okay to be a silent listener, but can you introduce yourself?
May 07 22:51:54 <satabdi>    ashfaq is not in the channel
May 07 22:52:23 <satabdi>    okay will ask him when I get hold of him next
May 07 22:52:54 <amani_glugcal>    debamitro, yourself?
May 07 22:53:18 <debamitro>    amani_glugcal: yes, what is the question! I am lost in the chat
May 07 22:53:37 <amani_glugcal>    introduce yourself
May 07 22:54:01 <amani_glugcal>    if it is ok
May 07 22:54:41 <debamitro>    amani_glugcal: my details are at about.me/debamitro , ask me anything you like in addition to that
May 07 22:55:35 <debamitro>    stultus: sunu: we'd love to hear you introduce yourself -- if you feel comfortable
May 07 22:55:49 <debamitro>    we are a totally inclusive group here
May 07 22:59:28 <satabdi>    wowsig, this is a very inspiring video - http://youtu.be/nKIu9yen5nc if we can create an effect as created by this one - it would be great
May 07 23:00:23 <wowsig>    satabdi, let me see
May 07 23:00:34 <wowsig>    oh, I have seen this one :)
May 07 23:02:51 <satabdi>    it's already 1.5 hours so lets officially conclude here - I'll share the meeting minutes - in the meanwhile please join our google group - wfs-india@googlegroups.com and http://wfs-india.dreamwidth.org/
May 07 23:03:55 <amani_glugcal>    ok
May 07 23:04:01 <satabdi>    the next meeting agenda includes - 1. discussing details of the events with chandankumar, sucheta and ashfaq 2. finalising the format of the event, timings
May 07 23:04:15 <chandankumar>    satabdi, sure
May 07 23:04:27 <amani_glugcal>    and maybe more events
May 07 23:05:12 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, chandankumar sucheta and me to contact fedora, mozilla, mediawiki and gnome and get feedback from them
May 07 23:05:36 <satabdi>    3. amani_glugcal, chandankumar sucheta and me to contact fedora, mozilla, mediawiki and gnome and get feedback from the
May 07 23:05:37 <chandankumar>    satabdi, sure
May 07 23:06:22 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, if we are to get some sort of sponsorship what is the way to go?
May 07 23:06:51 <satabdi>    the idea of competition with a prize is very lucrative to young people
May 07 23:06:57 <amani_glugcal>    I will ask sankarshan/rahul for RH.
May 07 23:07:21 <amani_glugcal>    Mozilla people I know
May 07 23:07:34 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, is there any registered FOSS group which can handle finance on behalf of us?
May 07 23:07:55 <satabdi>    on their part they will get credit as a collaborator in the event
May 07 23:08:26 <amani_glugcal>    satabdi, we will just co-organize with Fedora-India, etc
May 07 23:09:03 <amani_glugcal>    Fedora-women
May 07 23:10:16 <satabdi>    chandankumar, could you please join the google group? it would help us to discuss till we meet next in irc
May 07 23:10:23 <amani_glugcal>    we can continue this in mailing list
May 07 23:10:31 <satabdi>    amani_glugcal, yes
May 07 23:11:19 <chandankumar>    satabdi, yes
May 07 23:14:16 <satabdi>    it has been very energetic to talk to you all! i hope we will get more enthusiastic people in this endeavour. see you on Sunday 12th at 10pm
May 07 23:14:25 <amani_glugcal>    bye for now
May 07 23:14:35 <satabdi>    bye amani_glugcal
May 07 23:14:59 *    Disconnected ().
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Tue May  7 23:14:59 2013

[personal profile] satabdi

We will be having our second meeting on Tuesday 7 May at 9pm at #wfs-india channel on irc.freenode.net.

The agenda includes -

- make plans for an event
- divide the tasks among ourselves

Please join us if you are interested.

The minutes of the first meeting is at - http://wfs-india.dreamwidth.org/832.html

[personal profile] satabdi

Shall we plan our next meeting on Tuesday 7th May at 9pm?

And there are only 4 people joined this group where we had around 15 people actively taking part in the discussion. Although I like the webpage that we are getting from dreamwidth, we need a way to reach out to all those people interested to join the cause. If all of you here are okay with it, we can create a google group (as logicamani suggested earlier) to discuss among each other.

[personal profile] satabdi
Hi all,

The minutes of the first meeting to promote FOSS among women in India held on Monday 29 April 2013 at channel #wfs-india at irc.freenode.net is as follows -

We created a community at http://wfs-india.dreamwidth.org/. Please join if you are interested.

Regarding creating a new group for the cause, we noted that although there exist quite a few eg linuxchix, ubuntu women etc, some of the participants pointed out that - "one single non domain specific group sounds a better idea", "would it not benefit if there is a group which is not confined to any specific agenda, such as linux or ubuntu"

We decided to hold promotional events in schools/colleges and for working women. We need to collaborate with other groups to organize such events.
We can have install fests, show videos, interview clips, share information about the culture in FOSS, the philosophy behind it and of course how it can help someone if she contributes to it.

A lot of interesting ideas came up -
- hosting hacker schools, organize hackathons, conferences
- having weekly gatherings and hacker spaces
- creating e-books, articles, art-works, graphic novels to attract more people and especially women into FOSS.
Such online efforts would help those women who can not come to events.
- creating a magazine covering successful women contributors in India - since there's lack of role models in India.

The next agenda may include -
- how to organise events?
- how to get money?
- how to get volunteers?
- content of the event

We will be having our next meeting pretty soon. Please keep an eye on the link shared above.

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[personal profile] brainwane
Want to meet other people who want to plan a hackfest, installfest, training, tutorial, munch, meetup, or other event in your area? Post a comment here and say where you are!


Apr. 29th, 2013 12:46 pm
brainwane: My smiling face, including a small gold bindi (Default)
[personal profile] brainwane
Hi there! The #wfs-india channel on Freenode had a chat today about promoting FOSS to women in India and we now have a Dreamwidth community to use as a launchpad to coordinate further. More to come soon!
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